Monday, April 2, 2012


As you can see, I haven't updated this in nearly a year ... this site will be moving very soon. Will keep you posted :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today's prompt was to write a "never again" poem. Thanks to the PAD community for your critique/comments. :)

there was a time
before today,
when i couldnt see 
the shape of you 
without the shadow 
of me 
lagging behind, 
with a hopeful heart ...
yet, eagerly awaiting
the sun’s departure.
who am i kidding?
you crave an audience
someone who falls for
your false sense of self
the one you make up as you go.
just a fool following a fool.
but never again,
will I look toward you
for light.
for anything.
Yesterday's poetry prompt from Writer's Digest was to write a poem about "time" and make that time the title of your poem .... this is what i came up with:

3:39 a.m.
and i want to go back,
back to the dream
that gave me answers,
answers to the questions,
questions the conscious
mind cant quite 
and i want to go back
just to make sure ...
just to make sure
i know how to proceed
in this new life ahead.
and i want to go back
one last time
so ill remember,
remember that nothing 
changes when we go back ...
when we go back ...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today's prompt is "WHAT IF"

what if the stars were on the ground
would you still look up when feeling down?
what if the ocean was a shade of pink
would you still go to the shore to have a think?
and if suddenly your clothes were to disappear
would you cover your body with a cardboard sphere?
if everyone you knew moved far away
would you follow along or be OK?
if night turned to day and day to night
would you let it be or put up a fight?
and if you could have each and every desire
would you take it all or feel like a liar?
Well, a little hiatus from this thing. Been in the Sunshine State with some family and Blogging just wasn't on my mind (imagine). :) Anyway, it's National Poetry Month! I look forward to this each year. For those who aren't familiar: gives a prompt a day and you simply poem away. Well, sometimes there isn't anything simple about it. But, it's a fun way to share your work, get some critique from fellow writers and have something to look forward to as your fire up the laptop each morning. I'll be posting a few of mine. Yesterday's prompt was "Don't (blank), (blank)" of course, filling the blanks with words/phrase. Here was my attempt:

Don't think, be

i used to scribble scenes
sideways along lined paper
thinking my brain would 
work better if it weren’t 
writing like everyone else
i tried twirling twizzlers 
in the air as i stared at
a blank screen
hoping to conjure the
courage to tell my story.
then it hit me:
rather than seeking a 
state of mind 
just free the mind
and simply

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lexism of the Day: Waking up from her nap and saying "Mama where are you?" over and over

OMG Moment:  trying to REALLY shop with an 18-month-old and a 10-year-old. not much gets accomplished. 

Current Craving:  i crave not to crave crap food

Try this:  write a list of all the things you'd do differently in your life at this moment ... and do them (or at least try to)

Read this: Dont have time or forget to watch the show? Read Oprah magazine. Love it. (Lexi loves Oprah-no joke)

Exercise this: tonight i was reminded how much i despise the treadmill. then i remembered how much i love to dance and hopped off to do that instead. behind closed doors with music loud :) try it.

Avoid this: Girl Scout Cookies (not because they're bad, obviously, but because before you know it, an entire box of Samoa's --or whatever they call 'em now-- has disappeared) 

Quote/lyric that fits the day: 

Sunday, February 27, 2011