Thursday, April 7, 2011

Well, a little hiatus from this thing. Been in the Sunshine State with some family and Blogging just wasn't on my mind (imagine). :) Anyway, it's National Poetry Month! I look forward to this each year. For those who aren't familiar: gives a prompt a day and you simply poem away. Well, sometimes there isn't anything simple about it. But, it's a fun way to share your work, get some critique from fellow writers and have something to look forward to as your fire up the laptop each morning. I'll be posting a few of mine. Yesterday's prompt was "Don't (blank), (blank)" of course, filling the blanks with words/phrase. Here was my attempt:

Don't think, be

i used to scribble scenes
sideways along lined paper
thinking my brain would 
work better if it weren’t 
writing like everyone else
i tried twirling twizzlers 
in the air as i stared at
a blank screen
hoping to conjure the
courage to tell my story.
then it hit me:
rather than seeking a 
state of mind 
just free the mind
and simply

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