Sunday, February 13, 2011

what is love, anyway?

love is ...

thinking outside the box
noticing the little things that make him/her smile
forgetting anyone else is in the room
pretending to like family guy even if you think it’s the dumbest show invented
having someone to always spill you guts and gossip to
trying new things together
honesty and respect
being each other’s biggest cheerleader
canceling plans if he/she needs you and not thinking twice about it
always having a date- whether it’s laying on the couch or a picnic by the sea
keeping promises
saying im sorry, meaning it and not repeating the mistake
playing nurse etc. if the other needs to stay in bed all day
enjoying nature together
being individuals but having the same values/priorities
showing not telling
surprises on any old day
getting out of bed in the night if he/she is thirsty 
not being afraid of telling the friends you’re busy with him/her
random inside jokes that no one else would get, but you’ll always remember 
showing affection in public without hesitation
adoring their 1001 body parts, regardless.
rushing through the day because you know bedtime is the only time you have together
remembering the great times when the rough patches hit
knowing that he/she makes you a better person.
Love ... is the reason we get out of bed every morning (whether we know it or not)

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